MxLoader now supports attachments

I have just implemented the capability to upload attachments straight from MxLoader. This is in response to some requests on my blog and MxLoader support forum.

Starting from Maximo it is possible to import attachments to an object through MIF using Base64 encoding.
MxLoader has the capability to read files from the filesystem, encode them in Base64 and upload them on Maximo. This can be done on any Maximo object that supports attachments but the integration object structure has to be modified to include the DOCLINK object.

In this example the MYASSET object structure has been created with the DOCLINKS child object.

To specify a file to be encoded and uploaded you have to prefix the path of the file with the FileEnc:/ string.
Look at the screenshot below for an example of how to add two attachments to an asset. Note that the first file is using a relative path while the second uses an absolute path.

MxLoader now supports attachments

20 thoughts on “MxLoader now supports attachments

  1. Hi Bruno,In MXloader when I use Classification Hierarchy template,I am trying to send some extra fields but the data is not being updated,Can you please assist.

  2. Hi Bruno – thank you for sharing. Hoping you can clear up an issue for me. I did exactly what you have above. However when I load the file – it loads as a number and is unable to open unless it's a pdf or txt. doc and xls will not open. Data is loading to the doclinks object like this – /fxx/app/xxxxx/maximo/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/attachments/1500923495164 – when I try to open it doesn't understand the format – when I load through the front door I see this in doclinks – /fxx/app/xxxxx/maximo/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/attachments/excelxls.xls – and it opens fine – please help – ty Dawn

  3. Figured this out. Have to add urlname to the MxLoader before the description column and make it match the description column. Now it updates the url correctly to open.

  4. Hi Bruno – I have followed the same procedure. I have modified the object structure by adding doclinks object and modified the MXLoader. I am able to import the attachments but not able to view attachments same as Dawn mentioned in earlier post. I have added urlname before description and followed the same value. When I try to view the attachment it is showing as test1508845063507 with special charaters as text.
    Please help

  5. MXPO PO Sync-AddChange
    1044 0 RAC 1 FILE Attachments test.txt test.txt file:///C:/Temp/test.txt
    I am using this details in MXLoader. please let me know, if i am missing something.

  6. Hi Bruno,

    I am unable to connect my Maximo server through MXLoader. My Maximo server is a cloud environment.While connecting i am getting some error. It is not connecting to the server. What inputs i need to give to connect my cloud cloud server by using MXLoader file. Please help me out on this.

  7. Is there a maximum file size limit? Or this is Maximo dependent? For example, if Maximo sets it at 10MB that's the limit for MxLoader too?

  8. Order of fields don't do anything for me. I guess unix epoch time stamp as file name. And the contents look like gibberish. Only 1kB seems to be uploaded. File contents look like this: †ÛiÿùšÆ)¨ýÚ –)ä³ø¦j ¬ü#Ò hš–†§z½I

  9. hi Bruno..

    regarding attachment for Job Plan app, I've created the Object structure with doclinks
    but could not upload the files through MX Loader, although I use it for many other issues ( failure codes, assets, persons, … etc)

    please advise
    Thanks in advance

  10. Hi Bruno..

    Is it possible to update (an existing record) a custom attribute in the DOCLINKS table through integration. When I tried to POST, with action as Change, it would create a new record instead of inserting a new record. Please let me know if there is any way to update the custom attribute inside the DOCLINKS table.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. This is not working against version It creates new record with Sync-AddChange and creates attachment. But when viewing attachment, it shows junk value instead of real file.

  12. “To specify a file to be uploaded you have to prefix the full path of the file with the ‘file:///’ string”

    This is no longer valid. In order to upload the file you need to prefix it with FileEnc:/


  13. Hi Bruno,

    Seems like jobplan materials and jplabor wont upload. Jobplan gets created fine but without JPLABOR and JPMATERIAL. Can you help pls? I am in urgent prod need.

    Thanks in advance!!

  14. Hi Bruno / All,

    I was wondering if the MXLoader data loading for attachments also supports when updating an existing DOCLINK. Currently, I couldn’t update an existing DOCLINK using Sync-Change action. It throws an error
    BMXAA1496E – The DOCLINKS record does not exist in the database and cannot be updated or deleted.
    When I used Sync-AddChange it creates again a new record which I only wanted is to update the existing one.

    Thank you

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