JavaDocs for Maximo 7.6

For whatever reason IBM recently decided to remove the online version of Maximo JavaDocs from their website. At the moment they are only available as zip files for Maximo 7.6 and Maximo

I think this is not really useful because it is really hard to search what you are looking for so I have just published the JavaDocs on my website so they can easily be searched with Google.

Maximo 7.6 JavaDocs

Maximo JavaDocs

A simple search like maximo api statefulmbo should now bring you straight to the right page.

JavaDocs for Maximo 7.6

4 thoughts on “JavaDocs for Maximo 7.6

  1. Hi Bruno.

    Thanks for making this available. This is an invaluable resource and surprisingly difficult to find.

    Thanks again.


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