MBOs attribute current, previous, initial values

When implementing business logic in Java code it may be useful to compare the value of an attribute to it’s previous or initial value.This is particularly useful when overriding MboValueAdapter.action() method to validate the new value of an attribute as soon as it changes. Look at how the three values are retrieved in the following […]

Custom Java Action Class Example

This entry is part of the Maximo Java Development series. In a previous post I have described how create a custom action class using Java. Here is a full example that can help to understand how to navigate objects and set values. package;import java.rmi.RemoteException;import psdi.common.action.ActionCustomClass;import psdi.mbo.MboConstants;import psdi.mbo.MboRemote;import psdi.mbo.MboSetRemote;import psdi.util.MXException;/** * Sets the Workorder description […]

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