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Why I hate automation script variables binding

There are two approaches when dealing with Maximo automation scripts input and output variables. Using launch point variables – This method is described in the product’s knowledge center and allows to get/set values from/to the database specifying how to bind the script variables to specific database fields. Using getter/setter methods – This approach uses Maximo […]

Is your Maximo database in good health?

We all know Maximo is a complex product. It has plenty of features and is very flexible but sometimes complex to manage especially when system performances are poor.A lot of things may affect the perceived performances of Maximo and it may be hard to have an overview of the entire system configuration. What are the […]

Best practices for Maximo projects

Today I have received the following questions from one of our customers. Are there any best practices or recommendations on how to develop and maintain different versions of a Maximo based solution? How can we do source control? Are there any compare tool/utility to find differences in various version of application (available in different environments)? […]

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