Read system property in a Java class

This entry is part of the Maximo Java Development series.

Here is a small piece of Java code that can be used to retrieve a Maximo system property in Java using MxServer.getConfig() method.

Properties configData = MXServer.getMXServer().getConfig();
String prop = configData.getProperty("mxe.adminEmail");

Replace mxe.adminEmail with your property.

Read system property in a Java class

5 thoughts on “Read system property in a Java class

  1. Hello,
    Sorry about posting here.
    I want to ask if someone can help me.
    I want to sort my resultset on the start center by the difference between target finish and current date.
    Thank you

  2. Looks like getConfig() is deprecated and you use MXServer.getMXServer().getSystemProperties().getProperty({name}) instead.

  3. You can also use:

  4. While reading property, we are using MXServer.geXServver()…….
    Do we need close the MXServer connection?

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