Using Maximo email listener with GMail

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  1. Hi,

    I have a question for email listener.

    Our customers send the Outlook emails as attachments and it a I know it does not store it.

    I changed the system properties to accept the .pst files as well . But it still does not work?

    Is there a way we can make Outlook emails as attachments in Maximo?

  2. Hi Bruno

    I want to update workorder object using email listener. I have created a new action class for WO(LSNRBPUpdateWOAction) same as which is available for SR(LSNRBPUpdateSRAction) and I have made the below changes in LSNRActionHelper in the method performSecuityCheck()
    if (formatMode == 0)
    objectName = "WORKORDER";
    action = inboundComm.getFreeFormAction();
    actionStr = action;
    if (action.equalsIgnoreCase("UPDATE"))
    actionStr = "SAVE";
    and I modified the workflow also for WO object but when I send an email for updating a field in WORKORDER am getting the below error message.

    psdi.util.MXApplicationException BMXAA4350E – Cannot initiate workflow LSNRBP in the background.
    BMXAA0979E – Error in updating object WORKORDER in action for inbound communication 11,423.
    BMXAA0954E – Error in performing security check in action helper for object WORKORDER for inbound communication 11,423.
    BMXAA0953E – Authorization fails for inbound communication 11,423 for object WORKORDER with unique id 0.
    at psdi.workflow.WorkFlowService.initiateWorkflow( 277)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.LSNRUtil.processWorkFlow( 344)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.LSNRUtil.processMessage( 90)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerTask.processNewStatusMail( 1030)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerTask.readMessagesFromMailServer( 735)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerTask.performTask( 232)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerCron.cronAction( 49)
    at psdi.server.CronTaskManager.callCronMethod( 1489)
    at psdi.server.CronTaskManager.access$400( 84)
    at psdi.server.CronTaskManager$ 2003) Caused by psdi.common.emailstner.LSNRActionHandledException BMXAA0979E – Error in updating object WORKORDER in action for inbound communication 11,423.

    Please help me to solve this is issue.


  3. Hello I have a problem, when I get to the third stage option (Activate?) I can not check it.
    Any idea what I have done wrong?

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