Using Maximo email listener with GMail

An outstanding set of articles about how to configure and use the Maximo Email Listener with GMail are available on IBM Asset Management blog.
Here are the links:

  1. Importing the SSL Certificate
  2. Configuring SMTP Over SSL
  3. Sending Service Requests

Using Maximo email listener with GMail

7 thoughts on “Using Maximo email listener with GMail

  1. Hi,

    I have a question for email listener.

    Our customers send the Outlook emails as attachments and it a I know it does not store it.

    I changed the system properties to accept the .pst files as well . But it still does not work?

    Is there a way we can make Outlook emails as attachments in Maximo?

  2. Hi Bruno

    I want to update workorder object using email listener. I have created a new action class for WO(LSNRBPUpdateWOAction) same as which is available for SR(LSNRBPUpdateSRAction) and I have made the below changes in LSNRActionHelper in the method performSecuityCheck()
    if (formatMode == 0)
    objectName = "WORKORDER";
    action = inboundComm.getFreeFormAction();
    actionStr = action;
    if (action.equalsIgnoreCase("UPDATE"))
    actionStr = "SAVE";
    and I modified the workflow also for WO object but when I send an email for updating a field in WORKORDER am getting the below error message.

    psdi.util.MXApplicationException BMXAA4350E – Cannot initiate workflow LSNRBP in the background.
    BMXAA0979E – Error in updating object WORKORDER in action for inbound communication 11,423.
    BMXAA0954E – Error in performing security check in action helper for object WORKORDER for inbound communication 11,423.
    BMXAA0953E – Authorization fails for inbound communication 11,423 for object WORKORDER with unique id 0.
    at psdi.workflow.WorkFlowService.initiateWorkflow( 277)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.LSNRUtil.processWorkFlow( 344)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.LSNRUtil.processMessage( 90)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerTask.processNewStatusMail( 1030)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerTask.readMessagesFromMailServer( 735)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerTask.performTask( 232)
    at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerCron.cronAction( 49)
    at psdi.server.CronTaskManager.callCronMethod( 1489)
    at psdi.server.CronTaskManager.access$400( 84)
    at psdi.server.CronTaskManager$ 2003) Caused by psdi.common.emailstner.LSNRActionHandledException BMXAA0979E – Error in updating object WORKORDER in action for inbound communication 11,423.

    Please help me to solve this is issue.


  3. Hello I have a problem, when I get to the third stage option (Activate?) I can not check it.
    Any idea what I have done wrong?

  4. The Above links are not working or routing to the correct links. Can you post the Blog with all the instructions or new links from IBM. I couldn’t find it

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