How to set the date format in Maximo

To set the date format in Maximo, you use the setting.DISPLAYDATE system property from the System Properties application.
When you enter a date format for this property, it overrides any system settings for displaying date formats in Maximo

If you do not set the system property with DISPLAYDATE, then the display format is based on the profile information (under Profile – Default Information). This setting determines the display date format for this specific user.
This setting is used only if the system property setting.DISPLAYDATE is not set.

If the display date format is not set within Maximo, the format is based on the language setting of the web browser that is used to access Maximo.

How to set the date format in Maximo

2 thoughts on “How to set the date format in Maximo

  1. 1) Go to \applications\maximo\resources\resources\defaults
    2) Create a backup of Open the
    file, and add the following to the bottom:


    Ensure that exactly the above is referenced.

    Shutdown the application server – delete/backup the MAXIMO.EAR – delete
    the Application cache – rebuild and redeploy the MAXIMO.EAR.

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