MxLoader now supports Web Services

By default MxLoader uses plain Object Services through HTTP calls. These services are automatically exposed when an Object Structure is created in Maximo. Using Web Services is possible to have more control over data defining processing classes, user exit classes, XSL maps, and processing rules.

MxLoader 5.1 now allows to use Web Services as well. To enable MxLoader to work with Web Services you need two settings in the Config sheet:

  • Server address must be changed to http://[MXHOST]/meaweb/services/
  • Use Web Service option must be set to ‘True’

When a WebService is defined from an Object Structure you can just specify the WS name in cell A2 as you normally do. However, when the WebService is defined from an Enterprise Service you have to specify the web service name with a dotted notation in cell A2 with format [EXTSYSNAME]_[ESNAME].[OSNAME]. For example, if your External System is ‘MYEXTSYS’ your Enterprise Service is named ‘MYESVC’ and based on ‘MXASSET’ you have to specify MYEXTSYS_MYESVC.MXASSET in cell A2.

You can download MxLoader from here.

Please use MxLoader forum to report any issue.

MxLoader now supports Web Services

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