Maximo keyboard shortcuts

You know IBM Maximo has a lot of fields and sometimes can be boring entering data. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that can ease the pain. I have highlighted in bold the most common and useful ones.

  • Tab > The most important keyboard shortcut is the TAB key. It allows you to move across fields without using the mouse and also performs data validation and auto-completion.
  • Space > Select or clear a check box.
  • Alt + F1 > Display field help for field in focus.

There are few other useful shortcuts to move across applications.

  • Alt + C > Go to the Start Center.
  • Alt + G > Open the Go To menu. Use the arrow keys to choose the desired app.
  • Alt + B > Bulletins
  • Alt + R > Reports
  • Alt + P > Profile
  • Alt + S > Sign Out
  • Alt + H > Help
  • Alt + R > Return
  • Alt + W > Return with Value

Last but not least you can quickly create and save records with these Toolbar Buttons shortcuts.

  • Ctrl + Alt + I > Insert New Record
  • Ctrl + Alt + S > Save Record
  • Ctrl + Alt + A > Change Status
  • Ctrl + Alt + C > Clear changes
  • Ctrl + Alt + P > Previous Record
  • Ctrl + Alt + N > Next Record

This is a simplified list of the available keyboard shortcuts. For more information refer to the official documentation.

Maximo keyboard shortcuts

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  1. In Chrome and Internet Explorer, I've set up quick searches for work orders, assets, etc. Based on your previous article on Maximo URLs:

    For example, if I type WO in Chrome search, a quick search for work order appears. I just have to type the work order number and Chrome will go to the Maximo work order:


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