Maximo Scripting – Before Save, After Save, After Commit

This post is an excerpt from the Maximo 76 Scripting Features guide.

Maximo 7.5 scripting supported only the “Before Save” events in the Object Launchpoint. Although that is the most common place where we do customizations, we often see the need to attach some customizations at the after save and after commit events – mostly when we are doing some actions that need to be done after the Mbo has been saved or committed. After save is the phase when the Mbo’s sql statement (insert/update/delete) has been fired, but the commit has not happened. After commit stage happens when the Mbo in the transaction has been committed i.e. the database commit has been successfully executed.

After save is events are good for writing to an external storage. For example – Maximo Integration Events are processed at the after save event. In this phase if the write fails, we can always roll back the Mbo transaction. Also at this stage – all Mbo validations have passed and hence the chances of failure due to Maximo business logic failure is very low.

After commit events are good for actions that require your Maximo data to be commited. For example you may want to send an SMS only when an Asset has been reported “BROKEN”.

Maximo Scripting – Before Save, After Save, After Commit

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