Reset all meter readings

On a development/test environment today I had to reset all meter readings. Maximo is storing the last readings in a set of fields of the ASSETMETER table and the reading history in the METERREADING table.

Here are the SQL statements I have used.

delete from meterreading;

update assetmeter
set lastreading=0, lastreadingdate=null,
sincelastrepair=0, sincelastoverhaul=0, sincelastinspect=0,
sinceinstall=0, lifetodate=0, average=0,
Reset all meter readings

4 thoughts on “Reset all meter readings

  1. Was this just done in a test environment? Would you advise if there would be any knock on effects in a production environment to completely reset the meters and life to date?

  2. Hi, it is always better to use it on a test environment first.
    The impact you may have are on the PM which are meter based, you would need to ensure the PM meters to be aligned, with the assetmeter.

    The same can be applied on the location meter table.

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