Querying data with MxLoader using REST service

MxLoader 7.1 and above supports the new Maximo JSON APIs that are available from Maximo The REST APIs are based on the OSLC protocol so there are some changes you have to consider. The most important difference between OS and REST service is the format of the where clause that can be set in cell D1 of MxLoader sheets.

While OS server accepts SQL syntax, the REST service follows the OSLC specifications. In this post I will describe the most important concept to write OSLC where clauses.


Supported operators are:

  • = equal
  • != not equal
  • < less than
  • > greater than
  • <= less than or equal
  • >= greater than or equal


Support for like is done using the = operator and providing a partial value with the ‘%’.


  • locations beginning with ABC: location=”ABC%”
  • locations ending with ABC: location=”%ABC”
  • locations containing ABC: location=”%ABC%”


Support for IN will let you compare a value to a list and meet the condition when the value exists in the list.


  • assets having the asset number 1001 or 1002: assetnum in [“1001″,”1002”]


A where clause can check a field for a value of null or if the field is not null.

  • Description has null value: description!=”*”
  • Description is not null: description=”*”


Dates are expressed in ISO 8601 format that is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS-TZ


  • Assets modified after a certain date: changedate>”2021-04-07T09:50:00-04:00″

Querying data with MxLoader using REST service

5 thoughts on “Querying data with MxLoader using REST service

  1. Hi Bruno
    My question relates to REST Vs OS Integration Services for MX Loader. We are using SAML authentication and API keys. So the MX Loader Config needs to use REST and not OS. However, from our testing, the REST API does not call the related Object Structure Outbound Processing Automation Script. Is this as Maximo bug or as designed? I can see any documentation relating to any differences between API and OS integration architecture.


    1. Hi,
      Write in E1 the parameter that will order the query like:

  2. I was using MXAPIPERSON objectstructure and attempting to get one where the person.supervisor field is not null but person.supervisor=”*” nor person.supervisor!=”*” is working out for me.

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