MxLoader registration Q&A

Dear MxLoader users,

I have recently received a private message asking some clarifications about how the registration of MxLoader works. I have decided to reply publicly in this post to the questions.

Does MxLoader registration process after adding the user and key information report back to a central server or is it self contained within the file?

If it reports back to a central server is it a one time thing or every time the file is opened?

MxLoader does not communicate to any website or share any information from your Excel files. The MxLoader ‘s VBA code checks the validity of user/key locally.

However, registration information are kept safe on the website when submitting the registration form. These information will never be shared or sold for marketing purposes but will be only used by me to communicate to the community.

What happens at 6 months? Does it get a new key automatically or do we have to re-register.

After 6 months the registration key expires. You will be able to go to website and get a new key for the next 6 months. This is useful to understand how many people is still using MxLoader and be able to force updates if I have to.

Are you going to transition to a paid licensing model at some point?

Definitely no. I am evaluating the possibility to make it open-source but it will always be free.

MxLoader registration Q&A

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  1. Where do I enter the key on MxLoader? I have a key but keep getting the pop up.

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