Useful queries for users monitoring

Today aI want to share two simple but useful queries to be created in the Users application.

The following where clause will list all active user sessions excluding system:

SELECT * from maxuser WHERE 
userid in (select userid from maxsession where active=1 and issystem!=1)

I always add a result set on MAXADMIN start center with this query to see how many users are logged on the production environment or how many developers and testers are connected to a development server.

If login tracking is enabled, the where clause below will list all active users that never logged in during the last 100 days:

SELECT * from maxuser WHERE 
status='ACTIVE' AND sysuser=0 AND userid NOT IN (select userid from LOGINTRACKING where ATTEMPTDATE>sysdate-100 AND attemptresult='LOGIN')

This is very useful to spot user accounts to be deleted or deactivated.

Useful queries for users monitoring

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