Accessing UI methods from automation scripts

In Maximo IBM has greatly improved the service implicit variable to provide a lot of useful methods to interact with the user interface. Two good examples are:

service.openURL(String url, boolean newWindow)
service.launchDialog(String dialogId)

For a full reference of the service methods refer to this page.

There is very important method that can be used to get a reference to the current user session:

wcs = service.webclientsession()

This will return a reference to a WebClientSession object. Explore the JavaDocs to find out what can be done.

Among others, the getCurrentApp() method will return a reference to the AppInstance object that has tons of other useful methods:

app = service.webclientsession().getCurrentApp()

All these functions need quite good experience to be leveraged successfully but certainly brakes any barrier to the use of automation scripting for any kind of customization.

Accessing UI methods from automation scripts

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