Analyze and troubleshoot Maximo performances with Maximo Activity Dashboard (MAD)

Maximo Activity Dashboard (also known as MAD or PerfMon) is a useful tool to analyze and troubleshoot Maximo performances and is available starting from TPAE This great tool tracks execution times for each browser request (user-click) including the time spent querying DB with a great detail about executed queries and time spent for each sub-step execution.

Instructions are different based on the version of TPAE you are running on:

Note that enabling PerfMon will significantly degrade server performance and so it should be used carefully, especially on production servers.

Analyze and troubleshoot Maximo performances with Maximo Activity Dashboard (MAD)

4 thoughts on “Analyze and troubleshoot Maximo performances with Maximo Activity Dashboard (MAD)

  1. Can you give us some examples on how to work with the data we see to improve performance? I am considering putting in development, but our production server has other applications hosted on it and so it is sometimes difficult to isolate if performance issues are Maximo related, database related, third-party application related, or network related…

  2. It really depends on the situation. We can't generalize here.
    You may try to compare the timings of the troubled scenario with timings of another usage scenario without performance issues.

  3. Hi Buno,

    Excuse me , I am really new at this Maximo. And looking around the IBM site I found this tool that seems to be really helpful whenever we want to check what is causing the performance decrease. But now the question is: Keep this tool available on our maximo, meaning if we keep uncommented those lines in the web.xml file, will cause a decrease in the performance per se, or the system performance will be compromised only when the dashboard is displayed?

    In advance, thank you very much.

    Cheers and great blog.

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