What Mbo/MboSet/MboValueAdapter method should I override?

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One of the biggest issues when implementing Java customizations in the Maximo Business Objects layer is to know what is the best method to override to achieve a specific goal.
Here I have listed the most common usages of the the main methods in Mbo, MboSet and MboValueAdapter classes.


  • init(): Called by the framework when the Mbo has been constructed and the MboValues have been initialized.
    • Custom initialization
    • Set field access
  • add(): This is called when a new Mbo is added to the MboSet. It is called after user defaults have been set from the data dictionary.
    • Set field defaults
  • save(): Save the object and other linked objects.
    • Update linked/child objects
  • delete(long accessModifier): Mark the object to be deleted depending on the access modifier. Object is not actually deleted in the database until save() is called.
    • Delete child objects


  • canAdd(): Can an object be added to the collection ?
    • Custom rules to avoid the addition of new records to the MboSet


  • initValue(): The first method executed after the constructor. Values are already loaded from the database
    • Initialize attributes on new records
  • init(): Called after initValue()
    • Set current attribute as read-only based on some condition
    • Set related attributes access flags
  • validate(): Called when field value is changed (tab-out)
    • Verify whether the value for the attribute is valid
  • action(): Called when field value is changed after validate()
    • Update to other fields and related objects

Note: Be careful when extending Maximo Business Objects and don’t forget to follow the Java MBO performance optimization golden rules.

What Mbo/MboSet/MboValueAdapter method should I override?

One thought on “What Mbo/MboSet/MboValueAdapter method should I override?

  1. Please could you please give me an example explain how can i use action() method
    and what is the meaning of MboValueAdapter and how can i use it in automation script

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