How to disable the 7.5 Rich Text editor

TPAE 7.5 has introduced a nice Rich Text editor control for editing and formatting long descriptions. This applies to both Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk starting from version 7.5.
This feature is very cool in some cases but may cause some troubles. I personally do not like the effects of pasting text into such RTF text boxes.

To disable the formatting features of these controls you can just add the following attributes to the richtexteditor element in the application XML definition: plugins=”[]” extra_plugins=”[]”

Here are the steps.

  1. Open the Application Designer.
  2. Open the application you want to modify.
  3. Export the XML definition.
  4. Open the XML with a text editor.
  5. For each richtexteditor element add the plugins and extra_plugins attributes (look at the example below).
  6. Save the XML file.
  7. Update the application definition importing the XML in the Application Designer.



<richtexteditor dataattribute="description_longdescription" id="main_grid3a_col1_2"/>


<richtexteditor dataattribute="description_longdescription" id="main_grid3a_col1_2" plugins="[]" extra_plugins="[]"/>


How to disable the 7.5 Rich Text editor

5 thoughts on “How to disable the 7.5 Rich Text editor

  1. This only removes formatting buttons from dojo editor – correct? Users are still able to copy – paste RTF from MS Word and it will be stored in the longdescription table with RTF tags in it. Futhermore, if you upgrading from prev versions and don't want to use longdescriptions, you will loose all your linebreaks in longdescriptions. Unless i am missing something

  2. Thank You for giving us such a nice post on Rich Text Edit Control. This list is very beneficial for me……

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