Retrieve JDBC connection to Maximo database

In some cases you need a JDBC connection to directly access Maximo database in order to perform some job. This is not common since all Maximo data can be accessed through standard MboSets. However, you may need to access non-Maximo tables, perform specific SQL statements or bypass Mbos for performance reasons. The two main approaches […]

How to execute an Oracle stored procedure from Java code

This is a working Java method that can be used to execute an Oracle stored procedure. It can be linked to standard Mbo methods, application beans, actions, toolbar buttons, etc. public int callOracleProcedure(String procName, int arg1) throws MXException, RemoteException{ int ret; logger.info(“Calling ” + procName + “(” + arg1 + “)”); MXServer mxServer = MXServer.getMXServer(); […]

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