Improving Assets and Locations drilldown dialog

The Assets/Locations drilldown dialog is one of the most longstanding and criticized features of Maximo. This dialog is almost unchanged from release 6.1 and definitely lacks some important capabilities to provide a unified view of assets and location hierarchy. However, we can make few minor improvements to the standard dialog to make it slightly better. Increase […]

MxLoader now supports Web Services

By default MxLoader uses plain Object Services through HTTP calls. These services are automatically exposed when an Object Structure is created in Maximo. Using Web Services is possible to have more control over data defining processing classes, user exit classes, XSL maps, and processing rules. MxLoader 5.1 now allows to use Web Services as well. […]

Differentiate Maximo production, test, development environments

A common need is to differentiate Maximo production, test, development environments. The easiest technique I know is to customize the login and header messages. Open Database Administration application and select the Messages action. Search for ‘welcome’ and change the messages in the ‘login’ group as you wish. The welcome message is displayed on the login […]

Learn how to query data with SQL

Many times Maximo users and administrator lacks database skills. These are important in several situations: Write ‘where clause’ statements to filter data in Maximo UI. Develop complex SELECT statements to extract data from multiple tables when developing report. Optimize existing queries to solve performance issues. If you need to improve your SQL skills I suggest […]

Preventive Maintenance (PM) automatic work order generation

You probably know that Preventive Maintenance module in Maximo allows to schedule periodical maintenance activities in order to keep your assets running efficiently.In other words you can use the  Preventive Maintenance to schedule the automatic generation of work orders. Work orders can be generated manually using the ‘Generate Work Orders’ action in the Preventive Maintenance […]

How to display a domain description in an application

Some fields in Maximo are linked to a domain that allows to set its value from a predefined set of values. In some cases however, when the value does not provide enough information, you may wish to also display the description of the domain value that you have chosen. For example lets consider the STATUS […]

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