Maximo 7.6 installation

Maximo 7.6 has a lot of interesting features. One of these is the new installation technology.Richard Lesses has published a useful set of articles with a step-by-step guide of how to install Maximo 7.6. Installing Maximo 7.6: A first look, part 1Installing Maximo 7.6: A first look, part 2Installing Maximo 7.6: A first look, part […]

Learn how to query data with SQL

Many times Maximo users and administrator lacks database skills. These are important in several situations: Write ‘where clause’ statements to filter data in Maximo UI. Develop complex SELECT statements to extract data from multiple tables when developing report. Optimize existing queries to solve performance issues. If you need to improve your SQL skills I suggest […]

Preventive Maintenance (PM) automatic work order generation

You probably know that Preventive Maintenance module in Maximo allows to schedule periodical maintenance activities in order to keep your assets running efficiently.In other words you can use the  Preventive Maintenance to schedule the automatic generation of work orders. Work orders can be generated manually using the ‘Generate Work Orders’ action in the Preventive Maintenance […]

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