Display bullettin board messages opened by default

A common requirement is to display the bulletin board messages in a more visible way.A simple solution is to display the formatted message opened by default. To achieve this you can edit the following JSP file: [SMP]\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\components\bulletinboard.jsp On my Maximo i have this line of code at row 335: style=”display:none;overflow:visible” If you change the […]

Change Maximo base web address

In some cases you need to be able to web address of Maximo to identify between different environments or systems. For example for the test system you want to change the base URL from the default address: http://mxhost/maximo/ to: http://mxhost/maximotest/ In WebSphere application server this part of the web address is called ‘context root’. It […]

Windows Server firewall rules for Maximo/SCCD installation

Windows 2008 Server default firewall rules are very restrictive.When installing Maximo or SmartCloud Control Desk on a remote WebSphere installed on a Windows 2008/20012 Server system you may hit some connectivity errors between the Maximo Administrative Workstation and the application server. I have found out you have to open the following ports/protocols: Ping: this is […]

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