Disable automatic asset/location population in Work Order and Ticket applications

Maximo has a feature that automatically populates the asset when a user enters a location and viceversa. This is a feature may be useful for most clients but some other clients don’t like this behavior. Unfortunately Maximo does not have a built in switch to disable this. The best solution to solve the problem is […]

How to extract emails to notify users

There are several situation where you need to quickly notify a set of users sending them an email. These are few examples of such situations. There is a urgent maintenance activity to perform on Maximo that requires to enable the admin mode and logoff all the users. You are going to rollout an additional validation […]

Load failure codes in Maximo with MxLoader

Creating and maintaining the hierarchy of failure codes in Maximo can be quite long and boring task using the standard Failure Codes application. The easiest and fastest way of importing Failure codes and the corresponding hierarchy is using MxLoader. The example described in this post is available in this tailored in this sample MxLoader file. […]

Display bullettin board messages opened by default

A common requirement is to display the bulletin board messages in a more visible way.A simple solution is to display the formatted message opened by default. To achieve this you can edit the following JSP file: [SMP]\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\components\bulletinboard.jsp On my Maximo i have this line of code at row 335: style=”display:none;overflow:visible” If you change the […]

Invoke an Action when a button is pressed

In this article I explain how to attach/associate an action to a push button in an application. Create the Action you have to call if not already done (Go To – System Configuration – Platform Configuration – Actions). Open your application with the Application Designer and create a Signature Option with the same name of […]

Automatically rotate and clean HTTP Server log files

By default IBM HTTP Server log files always grow. This may be a problem especially on production servers where there is a large amount of HTTP requests that can quickly generate a very big access.log file. This file cannot be deleted without stopping the HTTP Server and can be practically impossible to open with a […]

Change Maximo base web address

In some cases you need to be able to web address of Maximo to identify between different environments or systems. For example for the test system you want to change the base URL from the default address: http://mxhost/maximo/ to: http://mxhost/maximotest/ In WebSphere application server this part of the web address is called ‘context root’. It […]

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