Implementing a Smart Search feature

Using Maximo search functionality can be sometimes complex or even frustrating.Several customers have asked me if there is a simple Google-like functionality to search for all the objects that contains a specific set of words.This article describes how to implement such feature in the Work Order Tracking application. The solution described in this tutorial allows […]

Link Parent-Child records in Maximo

In a previous post I have described how to correctly manage a child table in an application using the Application Designer. However, there are better ways of achieving the same goals so I will analyze all the available options to correctly link records in a parent-child relationship. If you are a creating custom objects and […]

Maximo application labels explained

Maximo stores labels in multiple places. When you add a label to a field, tab or section in Application Designer, Maximo stores this in the application XML in the MAXPRESENTATION table and in the MAXLABELS table. For fields, labels are stored in Database Configuration, in the Title field of the attribute (MAXATTRIBUTE table). For example, […]

How to set the default value of a field in Maximo

There are five ways to set the default value of a field in Maximo. Database Configuration The first way is to set the default value at the database level using Database Configuration.All you have to do is the object and then the attribute for which the default is to be set. In the right hand side of the […]

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